Crypto Community Moderation Services

Our token and crypto community moderation services come equipped with experienced moderators for both Discord servers and Telegram groups and channels. Clients that we typically cater to are DeFi tokens, NFT communities, IEOs and many more sub-sectors.

Community Moderation

Our diverse team of moderators consists of immersed and knowledgeable crypto traders.

Available for Messaging & Social Media Platforms

Our moderators are experienced in moderating communities on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram and various other social and messaging platforms.


Available in English, Chinese (Mandarin), Tagalog and Nigerian. Other languages may be available upon request.

Proven Track Record

With a wide variety of existing projects under our belt, our moderators were able to help with providing a positive impact on investor sentiment.

Flexible Scheduling

Our moderators are work can accommodate to either part-time or full-time depending on your needs.