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Enhance your project’s visibility by trending on CoinGecko!

Questions, Previous Clients & Service Effectiveness:

Contact either Romulus Marketing Token Promoters or Rez Marketing Token Promoters on Telegram.

Where will it be visible?

▹ Subject to the specific configuration purchased.


▹ CoinGecko Trending, with Search Box Trending

i) Visit CoinGecko’s Discover Coins page.

ii) Main Search Box (Appears on all CoinGecko pages).

Note: Trending is split into various regions on CoinGecko’s “Discover Coins” page.

▹ CoinGecko Trending, without Search Box Trending

i) United States

ii) United Kingdom

ii) Brazil

iv) India

v) Philippines

vi) Turkey

vii) Indonesia


▹ All projects are eligible to trend without the search box add-on.

Search Box Trending:

▹ Your project must have a numerical rank defined on CoinGecko.

▹ You can check this criterion from your CoinGecko link, for your project.

▹ Directly above your logo on CoinGecko, there will be a rank.

▹ If it says “Rank #N/A”, you cannot purchase the Seach Box Trending Add-On.

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