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Instagram mentions service for crypto communities which is available as a crypto marketing service for tokens and cryptocurrencies. Propel your token on Instagram with our Instagram mentions service by creating a profile and then right to the comments and inboxes of the many crypto community profiles and their members! Buy Instagram mentions service and start trending today with our scheduled Instagram mentions service.

Mass mention service for Instagram, enhanced with the Token Promoters touch.

What is a mention?

▹ Terminology for when an Instagram user direct @’s you under a given post, generating a notification on multiple devices.

Questions, Previous Clients & Service Effectiveness:

Contact either Romulus Marketing Token Promoters or Rez Marketing Token Promoters on Telegram.

Key Features:

▹ Custom Graphics (Images, Videos, Reels)

▹ Captivating Hooks for all comments

▹ Global Trending Hashtags

▹ Tactical Selection of Target Users

▹ Mentions from branded accounts

▹ Detailed Tracking Analytics

▹ Additional details for all features have been included in the example (keep scrolling).

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Assume you are launching an NFT project with supply set to 10,000. With a target list consisting of 10 million users, a conversion rate of 0.1% sells out your entire collection.

From a statistical perspective, it seems like a walk in the park. However;

i) How do you collect 10 million users?

ii) Which users are most relevant for my project?

iii) How do you ensure the users are real and not bots?

Tactical Selection of Target Users

i) Users are aggregated from existing profiles of celebrities, influencers, traditional businesses and other crypto projects.

ii) The list of targets is curated to have a high relevance for your specific project.

Note: We will consult with your team to determine which profiles will contain users with the highest likelihood of conversion.

iii) After the list of users has been aggregated, the following steps are performed:

1) Remove duplicate usernames

2) Sort the list by number of followers

3) Filter accounts with less than x followers

Note: Bot accounts are known to have few to zero followers.

ℹ The process is repeated until the desired number of unique users are contained within the list.

iv) How can you have varied creative to engage such a vast audience?

Custom Graphics (Images, Videos, Reels)

Our team of in-house creative experts will curate graphical content to elevate campaign effectiveness to it’s peak.

▹ A mass mention of 10 million demands nothing less than a plethora of original content.

Dixie (@TokenPromotersDixie) and her team will schedule a call to discuss the most relevant aspects of the project to highlight within the creative.

▹ The primary purpose of graphical content should not be to sell.

▹ Our content creates mystery, intrigue, and excitement; Characteristics which unify to create an organic community buzz and subsequent sales/buys.

v) How do you increase the probability of the user clicking the mention notification?

Simply put, nobody likes an unsolicited DM or mention from a stranger.

So, how do we shift the immediate perception from negative to positive?

Captivating Hooks For All Comments

Assess the difference in approach for a comment containing several mentions from;

a) Standard Provider


@user_a @user_b @user_c @user_d @user_e

@user_f @user_g @user_h @user_i 152654

b) Token Promoters


Great Galloping Gilgamesh! You seen this??

@user_a @user_b @user_c @user_d @user_e

#eth #nft #metaverse #p2e #investing

ℹ Each comment attempts to instantaneously grip the target from the moment the notification appears.

Trending Hashtags

▹ Furthermore, each comment remarks several hashtags from a larger pool consisting of only those relevant for your project.

▹ As accounts continue to mention the same hash tags, they increase in popularity on the global Instagram index, and increases the chances of trending across the entire platform.

Mentions from Branded Accounts

The standard operating procedure within the market is to use freshly generated accounts to submit the mentions. In the best case scenario, the accounts will have randomised profile pictures.


▹ Your Username: @iHeartCrypto

▹ The Username of your Friend: @iHateCrypto


▹ Your friend finds a post from CMC that he thinks you will enjoy, and wants to share it with you.

▹ They would place a comment under the post from CMC, with something like:

▹ Golly Goose! Check this out @iHeartCrypto – They have done it again!

After the comment is posted, Instagram will send you a notification with a brief summary of the comment, alongside a picture of the friend that mentioned you.

The Problem?

This is the figure that appears with the notification!

Our Solutions

All of the accounts performing the mentions will be branded to match your project.

▹ A natural reaction is to check who is mentioning you in a comment – and as soon as they do, they will see relevant content and links for your project – yet another way of increasing the overall conversion rate.

vi) How do you track the effectiveness of your campaign?

Detailed Tracking Analytics

Each post published on your behalf will contain a short, customised URL which can not only aid directing users, but also collect additional information which can be leveraged for future campaigns.

▹For example, assume your project is named, and the aim of this specific post is to increase your Telegram members.

▹The URL would be mentioned within the post text, and redirect to

You would also be able to collect & analyse data such as:

▹ Total Human Clicks

▹ Unique Clicks

▹ Traffic Over Time

▹ Traffic by Country

▹ Popular Times/Days

▹ Top Referrer/Languages

▹ Top Browsers/Devices/OS

Timeline for Content Curation

Ideally, 7 Days. This would provide sufficient time to create quality creative, and permit discussions and revisions for a variety of concepts.

Target Aggregation

3 Days – Agree on target sources.

Variable – Extract usernames from sources (5 Million / Day max.)

▹ Note: Process can be performed whilst the creative department are working.


Variable – Post content and comments with mentions. (1 Million mentions / Day max.)

▹ Note: Custom schedules for mentioning can be accommodated. Recommendations will also be provided to enhance mention timing.

Which mass social media service is most effective?

There is no fixed answer. Campaign effectiveness shifts with variations in user trends, and more importantly, degree of exploitation within the specific platform.

▹ At this moment in time, the platforms would be ranked in effectiveness as indicated below:

1) Instagram

2) Twitter

3) Telegram

4) Discord

The ranking has been determined from data derived from our clients and external research.

▹ Please note, the ranking is accurate as of the time of publishing, and may have changed. Please enquire to ensure the ranking remains relevant.

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