Trust Wallet Listing Service


Is your logo not being displayed on PancakeSwap/UniSwap/similar? Multiple third party apps unable to pull details for your token?

That’s due to not being listed on Trust Wallet. The TW Developer Repository is shared amongst a multitude of apps, such as Charting Platforms, DEXs, etc. Let us change that for you with our Expedited & Guaranteed Listing Service for Trust Wallet.

Have a question before ordering?

Contact either Romulus Marketing Token Promoters or Rez Marketing Token Promoters on Telegram.

Purchase Options:

Submission Service:

▹ We will create a branded GitHub account for your token, assuming one doesn’t already exist.

▹ Credentials will be provided.

▹ The TW application will then be processed by our team, with all best practices in consideration.

▹ The TW listing fee is included within our service fee.


▹ All of the requirements listed on this link have been fulfilled.

▹ A short summary has been included underneath for your convenience.

Key Requirements:

i) Full Token Audit

ii) Listed on CMC / CG

iii) 10,000 Holders (No Airdrops)

iv) 15,000 Transactions

Managed Listing Service

▹ Our proprietary methodology.

▹ Bypasses several key requirements noted above within the Submission Service.


▹ Any token that has been audited by a reputable entity.

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