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CoinMarketCap price estimates service available as a crypto marketing service for tokens and cryptocurrencies. Propel your token on CoinMarketCap by getting listed, and then right to the top of the CoinMarketCap Price Estimates page (also referred to as the CoinMarketCap Price Predictions page)! Buy CoinMarketCap Price Estimates to start trending on the CoinMarketCap Price Predictions page with our scheduled CMC price estimates service.

Secure prime real estate on the most popular crypto analytics website, CoinMarketCap.

Where is this service visible?

Visit CoinMarketCap’s Price Estimates Section

How long is the service?

▹ 7 Days or 1 Month

Questions, Previous Clients & Service Effectiveness:

Contact either Romulus Marketing Token Promoters or Rez Marketing Token Promoters on Telegram.


i) You define the target price for your token for the given month.

▹ We can set both the median, and average price to whatever price you would like.

▹ This provides an incredibly bullish sentiment for your project and inspires additional confidence.

ii) Captivate Larger Investors

▹ The investors with larger capital allocations typically perform more stringent due diligence.

▹ The Price predictions page is not as widely visited as the Trending page, but being there represents notable value to more influential buyers.

iii) Budget-Savvy Marketing

▹ Not all can stretch the purse for the primary CMC trending placement, for only 24 hours.

▹ The Price Estimate Trending service presents a lower barrier to entry and longer duration for the same capital.

iv) Higher Investor Buying Probability

▹ On your token’s CMC page, the last tab also indicates the price estimate, which is typically set by the community, and in rare circumstances, foul players.

▹ By utilising this service, you can inspire a community belief of a significant price increase.

▹ This service over the past few months has proven to be a highly lucrative asset for increasing the chances of gaining new retail investors.

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