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PooCoin trending service for PooCoin’s Most Linked section which is available as a crypto marketing service for tokens and cryptocurrencies. Propel your token on PooCoin by getting listed/verified on Trust Wallet, and then right to the top of the PooCoin Trending page! Buy PooCoin trending to start trending today with our scheduled trending service.

Want to get your project posted and/or trending on PooCoin?

Token must be Trust Wallet Verified for trending eligibility on PooCoin.

Where is this service visible?

Visit PooCoin’s Trending Section

Questions, Previous Clients & Service Effectiveness:

Contact either Romulus Marketing Token Promoters or Rez Marketing Token Promoters on Telegram.


▹ Token must be Trust Wallet Verified.

Main Requirements for Trust Wallet Verification:

i) Full Token Audit

ii) Listed on CMC / CG

iii) 10,000 Holders (No Airdrops)

iv) 15,000 Transactions

Note: Up to date requirements can be found here.

Not TW Verified Yet?:

▹ Let us give you a hand.

ℹ We have two options, both of which still require the token audit to be completed.

Option A:


i) Already listed on CMC/CG

ii) Not an ERC20 Token

ℹ If satisfied, we can assist the figures pertaining to holders & transactions.

▹ For more details, or to purchase, please click this here.

Option B:

▹ By utilising this method, we can bypass the requirements related to holders, transactions, and in certain circumstances, several other criterion too.

▹ For more details, visit this link.

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